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Matilda is reported to have been the first woman swaggie in Australia. A swaggie was a person who walked the bush from one property to another working mainly for food and sometimes a small wage. It came about this way:
When Matilda was a young girl she fell madly in love with a swaggie named Joe who was camped near her home. Matilda begged her father for permission to marry Joe but her father refused. Matilda took matters into her own hands and ran off to spend the rest of her life with Joe. Joe became known as Mrs Swaggie Joe.
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Joe and Matilda never lived in a house, rather they spent their life together "on the Wallaby" which is walking the track in the bush with their swags or bedrolls slung over their shoulders. (The original Backpackers?) They had a nickname for their swags, 'Ole Bluey', because of the blue grey blanket always rolled around the outside of the swag.

Joe and Matilda were together until the end when Matilda died in the bush in Joes' arms. After that Joe only had 'Ole Bluey' to talk to. He propped 'Ole Bluey' up by the campfire and said, "Oh well Bluey, you'll have to be Matilda to me from now on and we'll waltz along together until the end."

Nobody is sure of what happened to Joe, but he and Matilda live on because 'Waltzing Matilda' became the idiom for tramping the bush with your swag slung over your shoulder.
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